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Terra Cognita

by Michael J McEvoy

Participating Artists


Michael J McEvoy: piano, guitar, bass guitar and viola
Jane Fenton: cello
Jan Hendrickse: flute

Miles Bould, Dan Gresson: drums
Airto Moreira: percussion

Technical Information


Release type: CD & Digital download
Release date: 24 Jan 2011
Cat. No: REZZ002

A reflective journey through sound, Michael J McEvoy’s Terra Cognita has its roots in world music and jazz. Featuring cellist, Jane Fenton, flautist, Jan Hendrickse, drummers, Miles Bould, Dan Gresson, and the legendary Brazilian percussionist, Airto Moreira. Michael appears on piano, guitar, bass guitar and viola.

Terra Cognita is a tribute to nature’s power and beauty.

Each track on the album has a corresponding image. These images have been provided by photographers Mark McEvoy, Emily McEvoy and Carole Rawlinson.

Hear the album on the Terracognita website

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